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Frequently asked questions 1


What is Internet Test program

Internet Tester allows the user to send small packets of information to the targeted IP address/Name and see how long in MS. milliseconds to respond. If the connection returned the packet in error or long "ping" time the user can see the problem in the program logs immediately.

Moving forward lets just call 'Internet tester' 'The Program'.

The screen prints all have a heading of 'Pint tool" why?

The  program was first written and distributed as 'PingTool' but the SEO got confused with ping golf clubs, So we renamed it and its now called Internet Tester.

Whats the cost of the program

A cost of $9.50 which includes any bug fixes for the current release of the program. We will always try to make the program better and fix bugs as we find them.

Why does Windows 10 tell me the file may be infect or damaged when I install it.

The downloaded "Zip" has been scanned for viruses and is safe to open and run. Simply double click the zipped file and select "more" to open the zipped file. Windows 10 and Microsoft are just cautious.

When I install the program where is it and what do I need to know

Single left mouse click the Windows icon in the lower left and select "internet Tester"  and away you go.  

How long does the free version run

The free downloaded version will run with full features for 30 days.

Frequently asked questions 2


How do I license the program after the 15 day free trial?

On the program page, simply click on the PayPal button and when PayPal notifies us of the payment we will send you the unlock code.

Can the program run over night so I can see the results in the morning?

'The program' will log thousands of lines of test in 3 second internals.  Please remember that if the logs are large, sorting may take longer than normal.  A single click on any caption field will sort that field.

Can the log file be sorted?

Every log can be sorted by simply single clicking on the log caption. (the caption is the top line i.e. ## of the field you want to sort. One click sorts a-z and another single click to sort z-a.

How long did it take to write this program.

A long time. Ken Spector wrote the program and owned an internet company and needed something like 'the program' so he wrote it himself.

How do I tell the program to start testing my internet connection.

In the 'Host Name"  customer name field, you can enter a IP Address or customer URL i.e. or a IP address such as 10,0.0.1 etc. When you enter a valid URL the program will return its IP Address. 

On the main screen simply press 'Start Ping' for press F1 key on your keyboard. The default sort when you start the program is

Do I need a big powerful computer to run 'The program"

No, the program will run on a big or small computer running Windows. The program has a small memory foot print.

Frequently asked questions 2


Why do I need 'The Program'

The truth of the matter is you don't but are you ready to see if your internet provider has issues and the reason for your browsing is slow. you won't know if your connection is error prone until you run 'The Program' or try to use DOS ping.

When I Start the program it asks if I want to view the Log File.

The log file has a log of everything that has transpired previously and you can continue where you left off.

If you want to start fresh click 'No".

Why was this program developed

Ken Spector the program developer owned a wireless internet company and he thought it imperative his customers had a utility such as Internet Tester that would be easy to use and let his customers know if something was wrong.

Can I run multiple copies of the program to test moee than one destination.

Yes, This program is whats know as re-entrant. i.e. one copy run tests to and the other to your gateway i.e.

How can I find my internet gateway or DNS address.

When you start the program after the first ping, look under Host Name on the main screen and the DNS field will have your DNS IP Address.

I'd like to contact Ken and ask him questions.

This program allow you to contact ken directly, just hit the Contact us on this site in the upper caption.